We work with you to ensure online events contribute fully to your teams, organisation, stakeholders and projects.
We help you shape and pace a wide range of workshops and interactions online.

working with you and your teams

An online event can be organised within days, or less. We support your team with workshop design, preparation and facilitation, as well as with the design of subsequent activities to build on and to benefit fully from its outcomes.


Go further faster as a team

GIGA, Group Insight for Grounde Action, supports chat based exchanges where participants respond to question(s) and interact to allow key messages to emerge.


Go further faster, as a team!

Team leaders / facilitators / coaches

- Enhance the path to better decision making, more pertinent actions and effective collaboration.

- Generate and memorise nuanced shared understanding on a very large scale and for multiple groups.

-Discover participants priorities, including where they converge / diverge.

- Taylor your approach to address the specifics of the groups you are working with.

- Enhance large events and webinars with online participation and results.

Transformation programmes

- Inject agility and confidence into your programmes and projects. Allow large dispersed groups of participants to rapidly and greatly enhance the granularity of the 'map of the territory'.

- Inform and adjust programme approach and communication. Identify priorities. Address participants needs and preferences.

- Mobilise and increase collaboration. Allow participants to share and discover interactively their experiences and views. To reflect on what really matters whilst ensuring that they will all be heard.

Services and products innovation

-Be more in tune with your clients, increase responsiveness and creativity within your teams.

- Rapidly involve large and dispersed groups of users and experts.

- Adopt a combined qualitative and quantitive research method.

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